Herr Doktor Reinhardt von Kraag

an elderly Germanic mad scientist with a vision for a Great Future of Scientific Prosperity!


Herr Doktor Reinhardt von Kraag

Deftness 2d12 Nimbleness 1d8 Quickness 4d10 Strength 4d8 Vigor 4d8

Cognition 2d10 Knowledge 1d12 Mien 1d8 Smarts 1d10 Spirit 4d8

Pace 4 Size 6 Wind 16

Bluff 1d10 Climbin’ 1d8 Dodge 2d8 Guts 3d8 Language: English 2 Mad Science 5d12 Medicine: General 2d12 Overawe 1d8 Persuasion 1d8 Quick Draw: Pistols 2d10 Science: Alchemy, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics 5 Search 3d10 Shootin’: Automatics, Pistols 4d12 Speed Load: Pistols 2d12 Tinkerin’ 5d10

Edges Arcane Background: Mad Scientist Dinero 4 Friends in High Places 2 Mechanically Inclined 1

Hindrances Enemy: Cannon Peak Gang 2 Geezer 5 Habit 1-fooling with dentures Loco 2-Evil Deeds (currently focused on livery stable owner) Tinhorn


Dr. von Kraag is a tall, well-built gentleman in his early 60s, with a fringe of iron-gray hair around the edges of his shiny pate, a large beak of a nose, and tightly waxed mustache. He has a bad habit of sloshing his dentures around in his mouth while thinking (which is frequently) and affects a monocle to complement his usually snappy attire. The good doctor speaks with a distinct German accent, which gets thicker when agitated, and makes his way around town with the assistance of an unusually ornate walking stick to ease an arthritic knee. Von Kraag’s hands are as deft as ever, and he has proven himself to be a fast draw and crack shot with his custom Gatling pistol.

Originally brought in by the A&P Railroad, Dr. von Kraag still consults with the engineers working on the bridge and other tasks of progress, but he spends most of his time in the laboratory he has built near his house (currently under reconstruction after a suspicious explosion blew out a wall and destroyed his steam velocipede and experimental flame-thrower). He can also be found at one of the area’s greatest draws, Gefroren Freud Ice Cream Parlor, made possible by the good doctor’s breakthrough refrigeration technology. The local brewery, barber shop, and blacksmith shop also boast a few of his amazing innovations, but there is a lot of room to bring the town to the Future!

Herr Doktor Reinhardt von Kraag

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