Randall William Bradford III

Ex-sheriff of Canyon Diablo, now on a quest to save the world


High Concept – Young Duelist out to Save the World
Trouble – Marked by the Anasazi
Nightmare – I must belong somewhere

Finest schools that money can buy
A Bradford always repays his debts
Only Living Ex-Sheriff of Canyon Diablo
I Dueled Death and Won


Great ( +4 ) – Gunplay, Shootin’ Guns
Good ( +3 ) – Alertness, Intimidation, Investigation
Fair ( +2 ) – Professional Scholarship*, Rapport, Resources, Discipline
Average ( +1 ) – Contacts, Conviction, Empathy, Presence, Endurance, Deceit

*Area of Study: Professional Aptitude – Lawman, Scholastic Aptitude – Classics,
Languages – French, Greek, German


  • Lighting Hands
  • Quick Draw
  • Snap Shot


  • Long Term Investment

Shootin’ Guns

  • Shot on the Run


  • Lawman’s Eye

Remaining Refresh: 4

Noteworthy Equipment:
2 X Pettengill Army
Volcanic Pistol
Colt Pistol
Colt Peacemaker X 2


Man Eyes – Millky Green

Randall William Bradford III

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