Morgan Welch

Redheaded express rider: fast on a horse, quick with a gun, and at home on the range.



High concept: Red-headed express rider
Trouble: On the warpath
Nightmare: Dead Drunk Pap
Getting started: No-account Mississippi river rat
Brush with the supernatural: Atsidi Sani’s wayward ward
Room Service at the Peacock-Whately House: The Esteemed Mrs. Peacock
Von Kraag’s Retirement Party?: Alexander Greydon’s major headache

Superb: Shootin’
Great: Wranglin’, Notice’
Good: Physique, Rapport
Fair: Stealth, Athletics, Survival
Average: Gunplay, Will, Investigation, Presence, Deceit

Four-legged Friend, Four-legged Pardner(Mr. Whately’s eerie steed, Rides like the Wind), Tracker, Long Shot, Tough as Leather, Danger Sense, Shot on the Run


Morgan Welch is a redhead, deeply freckled, skinny, with a quick smile. He is about 15, although his actual birthdate is unknown. He is typically dressed in a rough work shirt, green trousers, and a grey Stetson. Accustomed to traveling light, he often packs little more than a few blankets, water, and a pan in his saddlebags, preferring to live off the land whenever he can.

Morgan grew up in Hannibal, Missouri, before coming out West to find adventure. He joined up with the Pony Express until it went under due to the rise of the Telegraph. Then he went to work for the Illustrated Express, a courier service for news photographers and artists, founded by Arizona newspaper publisher and art aficionado Martha O’Keefe.

Recently he’s been stuck in Canyon Diablo, recovering from a particularly bad case of the ague. Recommended by both Atsidi Sani and Martha O’Keefe, Morgan is now Doc Halliwell’s assistant. Martha recommended the boy for his skill in tracking and stalking local fauna. The Doc has taken a shine to the boy and is teaching him the basics of photography.

Morgan Welch

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