Malin LeBeau

A French investor, gambler, and man of vice and leisure relaxing in Canyon Diablo




High Concept: Hex Slingin' Gentleman of Vice 

Trouble: Not From Around Here

Nightmare: No Way Out

It's All a Matter of What Do You Want 

Silver-Tongued Foreign Devil

Learned a Few Secrets of the Peacock-Whatelys 

There's Never a Dull Moment in Canyon Diablo




Great +4 Professional Scholarship*, Deceit, Occult Lore

Good +3 Intimidate, Contacts, Rapport

Fair +2 Resources, Investigation, Discipline, 

Average +1 Conviction, Presence, Athletics, Endurance



* Areas of Study: American Culture & Language, Profession: Illusionist, Area Knowledge: Canyon Diablo, Lawyerin'

Powers 4

-2 Arcane Background: Huckster

Power: What the Eye Sees, The Mind Believes

-1 Hex: Hunch

-1 Hex: Phantasm

Stunts 2

Con Man – Deceit – Aspect Reads w/ Deceit

Ridicule – Intimidate – +2 to Intimidate when making someone angry, Intimidate compliments if driven to attack.




Remaining Refresh: 1


Malin LeBeau

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