• Dr. Arthur Aarons

    Dr. Arthur Aarons

    Snake Oil Salesman, always southern
  • Jack Allen

    Jack Allen

    Ex Steel Drivin' Man
  • Malin LeBeau

    Malin LeBeau

    A French investor, gambler, and man of vice and leisure relaxing in Canyon Diablo
  • Maria Bolet

    Maria Bolet

    A former adventurer drug out of retirement by a family death, she loyally guards the downtrodden of Canyon Diablo
  • Morgan Welch

    Morgan Welch

    Redheaded express rider: fast on a horse, quick with a gun, and at home on the range.
  • Randall William Bradford III

    Randall William Bradford III

    Ex-sheriff of Canyon Diablo, now on a quest to save the world
  • Herr Doktor Reinhardt von Kraag

    Herr Doktor Reinhardt von Kraag

    an elderly Germanic mad scientist with a vision for a Great Future of Scientific Prosperity!
  • Judah Abramson

    Judah Abramson

    Judah is a pious, devout Texas Ranger. He's good with a gun and great with the Talmud.
  • Pastor Daniel West

    Pastor Daniel West

    An ex-preacher turn gunslinger looking for redemption.
  • Ying-ying


    a beautiful and headstrong Chinese aristocrat