Fate of the Weird West

This is the ObPo home of a FATE-based Deadlands game set in the town of Canyon Diablo. The rules are based on the FATE system but the setting is 100% Weird West. The action of the game starts in early 1877, so that a lot of the events of the cannonical Deadlands setting haven’t happened yet.

Campaign Overview

I plan on this being a somewhat light-hearted campaign, with strong elements of grimness, pulp action, and exploration of the Weird West.

Take a deep breath and think of…

  • the love child of Tombstone and The Crow…
  • raised by Indiana Jones and Terminator 2…
  • becoming best friends with Yojimbo…
  • and then shipping out to see the ‘Verse on a Firefly with Rooster Cogburn and the Man With No Name as crewmates.

We will be Blowin’ Things All To Hell but we will be having RP and character development as we do so. One of the things that exemplifies good character development is watching them grow and change and adapt. Character growth will be an integral part of the campaign.

This is a horror game. Expect things to be creepy. Sometimes this will involve a bit of suspension of disbelief or touching on taboo subjects. (Which will be done in tasteful ways – I’m a big fan of “fade to black”. You all have active imaginations that can supply the details in the privacy of your own minds.) Horror games are also tragic, so expect uncomfortable resolutions and victories that sometimes are not much better than defeats. If you see me overlooking a fine opportunity for tragedy, do let me know. I’ll make it worth your while. You should be prepared to be heroes and triumph most of the time, but not all of the time. You should expect to be overmatched maybe one fight in three or four. Your challenge is knowing when to hold ‘em, and knowing when to run away and find the cavalry!

You are encouraged to create a character with a few skeletons in the closet that he’d rather not tell the other PCs about. I expect (and hope to create) some party tension. I don’t want to PCs constantly trying to murder each other (we aren’t playing Vampire) but neither do I want the PCs to completely trust each other just because they’re PCs. I want to avoid the “I just met you in a tavern, so let’s go adventuring together and I will trust you with my life”, feel of Dungeons and Dragons. Ideally, we should have a happy middle ground of distrust, or limited trust, in pursuit of common goals. When PCs goals conflict – well… that’s where a lot of good fun begins.

We are going to be based out of Canyon Diablo, a medium-sized town in north-central Arizona. We’ll explore the people and places and plots in Canyon Diablo and take some field trips out of town. Be prepared for persistent NPCs who remember when you’ve done right (or done wrong) by them. Unless you come up with a lot of solid outdoorsmen, I see most of the action taking place in small-to-medium sized towns in the west with field trips to places like Lost Angels and New Orleans.

If there’s something you want to include in the game, then bring it to me, and I will try to bring it into the game.

These rules are a living document, and as no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, I expect that the players will bring a lot of good changes and refinements into the rules.

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Canyon Diablo

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