Judah Abramson

Judah is a pious, devout Texas Ranger. He's good with a gun and great with the Talmud.


High Concept: Torah Totting Texas Ranger
Trouble: A Jew among Gentiles
Nightmare: Good Men Gone Bad…
There is Nothing more frightening than Active Ignorance. (Goethe)

What Shaped you: Judah grew up the nephew of Secretary of State Judah Benjamin. His family was rich, pious and political. Formally educated in the best rabbinic schools in the Confederacy and England, he is acutely aware of the Czar’s Pogroms and the difficulties of being a minor person in a big world.

Aspect: Mischpucka!

Brush with the Supernatural: (With Another Player)

Aspect: “Judah, take care of it your * self…”

Weird West – How did he get to the west? Well… it’s complicated. Partly because he is hunting down assassins after his family. Partly because he was ordered to by his superiors. Partly because his Uncle told him to look out for a legendary trove of Jewish artifacts lost in the West… and mostly because he took a fancy for a Gentile girl named Delilah and his family wanted him as far away from that trouble as possible…

Aspect: Nothing’s that simple

Adventure: Canyon Diablo- Who was invited to supper? When Judah discovers a rogue marshall who is using cannibals and manitou to erradicate the apache… trouble comes from all sides.
(With Another Player)

Aspect: Yiddish Yahoo

Great: Alertness, Conviction
Good: Rifle, Discipline
Fair: Endurance, Intimidate, Athletics, Occult Knowledge.
Average: Presence, Profession: Rabbinic Scholar, Contacts, Gunplay
(English, Hebrew/Yiddish)

Blessed: Sticks to Snakes, Protection, Flesh to Salt, Burning Bush
Alertness: On Top of It, Ready for Anything, Run Interference, Take it all in

Refresh- 1

“Moses” Shotgun, sawed off, with holster, Whitworth Rifle (“Elisha”), Torah, Talmud, Prayer shawl, Texas Ranger badge, locket on a silver chain with a picture, trick boot, Mare Grade horse, Naomi ("Goes where I go, my people are her people).


Judah Abramson

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