Jack Allen

Ex Steel Drivin' Man


High Concept: A & P Railroad Man, Former
Trouble: Everything, Eggshells (except hammers)
Nightmare : They will die, I cannot save them
Early: Born with a Hammer in my Hand
Supernatural: Big Man lookin out for the Little Man
Meeting: Man over Machine
Diablo: Not too Subtle

Skill Tree

4 Might Empathy
3 Weapons Discipline
2 Craft Alertness Athletics
1 Wranglin Endurance Presence Investigation Conviction

Stunts (10 allowed)
Name – Skill – Description
1 Demolition – Craftmanship – Boom
2 Hit them Where it Hurts – Empathy – Guilt Trip Hard
3 Read The Surface – Empathy – Read immediately
4 Iron Determination – Discipline – Blunt for Bonus
5 Danger Sense – Alertness – Gank Proof

20 Dynamite
Fuse 100’
Reinforced Sawdust filled mini keg sized Dynamite Barrel
Iron Skillet
Lantern Oil
Rope 50’
Long Johns
Work Shirt



Standing just shy of seven foot, Jack Allen was the largest railman on the A&P’s crews. He still dresses in simple work clothes, a white shirt and tan pants, with a straw stetson to keep off the sun. Since he quit working the rails, though, his clothes have been clean and not very worn, almost as if he had more than one set! More noticable than the lack of frayed edges are his accessories, worn chaps being out of place on a steel driver, and a sledge slung over each shoulder.

Orphaned when young, Jack has lived beside the rails his whole life. Starting the trade early due to his rapid growth, Jack became one of the foremost steel drivn’ men in the country. He headed a picked crew that would operate semi-autonomously putting down rail through whatever God threw at them. Reliable and often taking the brunt of dangerous jobs himself, Jack gained a good reputation with his crew and the railroad. Enough that they even forgave the big smile he got whenever there was a rocky patch that needed blastn’

One day God, or perhaps someone darker, did throw Jack something he could not drive rail through. An unprecedented attack by dark creatures left most of the crew in bloody tatters and Jack unconcious. When he woke up and discovered the situation, it was only worsened by the callous company men, who only wanted to know when Jack could get a replacement crew out to lay track over the blood-stained earth where his friends had died so some investor could get his silver. After an exchange of words flavored with profanity Jack had broken with the railroad. The gulf that break left in Jack’s soul he has filled with a desire for justice. Woe betide anyone or thing that attempts to harm or exploit an honest working man in Canyon Diablo!

Jack Allen

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