Canyon Diablo

What the End of the Terrors of von Kraag Really Means for Canyon Diablo

What the End of the Terrors of von Kraag Really Means for Canyon Diablo
By Jonah Blackwell

By the time this goes to press, the parties will have ended, and the hangover will have set in – just what does von Kraag’s sudden disappearance mean for our fair city? 

While a change in law enforcement is a welcome variation, we cannot forget that while von Kraag was heavy-handed in his dispensation of justice, he did bring quite a bit of foreign funds and innovation. From the ice cream parlor to the gas lights, from the advanced machines in the rail yards to the increased security measures of the jail, and from the telegraph lines and machines to the printing presses that this very issue and those before it were printed on, we cannot forget that von Kraag left a more positive mark on this town than we’d remember in recent history. His absence will be keenly felt whenever this town reaches for innovation.

In addition, despite his dementia, von Kraag was one of the best chances this town had for being a real gateway by finishing the bridge across the Colorado river. With his sudden disappearance, we are a vessel tossed and turned about in a storm with no rudder to guide us. While I have heard of a new engineer by the name of Cave Johnson in our fair town, reports of progress have been too few and far between. Instead, Mr. Johnson has been cited wandering away from town, and some rumors have gone so far to reach my ears that Mr. Johnson has been spending time spelunking – time that could be spent building bridges to a more profitable future for all of us!

Moreover, all of von Kraag's assets being seized by the local government means that Mayor Sheridan has a lot of property on his hands and, I daresay not the manpower to properly keep it running nor the know how to properly invest in it. This is a time of upheaval, and we’ll be watching the Mayor’s office to see if Sheridan knows when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.




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