Canyon Diablo

Townswoman Heroically Saves Doctor from Rabid Animal

by Sarah Levine


It is the unfortunate duty of this paper to inform the town of our loss of its folk from time to time, and it is with sorrow that we have to report the death of Mary Jane Breen, companion of Doctor Hollowell, and general pleasant woman around town.

She was faced by a rapid wolf that had somehow slipped into town, and valiantly protected her beloved from the foul creature. Her cries roused the suspicion of dauntless Sheriff William Brandford and his stalwart posse. A rough and tumble altercation occured inside of the doctor's office with shotgun and pistol fire, and in the end Miss Breen's wounds were too grevious to live.

The wolf, affected by some manner of rabies-related contagion, was put down and subsequently burned to prevent the spread of the disease. Unfortunately, Ms. Breen's body also had to be swiftly engulfed for the good of the town. While this was against the family and Freedom Patterson's wishes, Mayor Sheridan was quick to back up Sheriff Brandford's assertion that the safety of the town was paramount. 

Services for the late Miss Breen will be held this Sunday, and offerings of solace can be brought to Doctor Hollowell's office on the Turn.


Clearly we need more heroic figures like this in town… maybe clean-up a couple of the less seemly areas of town…


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