Canyon Diablo

Sheriff Driven From Town Amid Disaster!

Deputee Jack Allen lies convalescing, and Deputees Morgan Welch and Malin Lebeau have left town on another investigation, all the while the child murderer of Canyon Diablo still roams the streets. And at such a dangerous time when Sheriff von Kraag's manpower is at its lowest, the mayor is calling him out of town on what the doctor calls a special investigation.

While this paper recognizes the power of the mayor as an elected official, is Thomas Sheridan turning the well respected (and downright deadly!) Sheriff von Kraag into a toothless tiger? Days have gone by since Black Bart was broken out of jail, and even more since the bodies of Guillermo Elias and Carlo Corta were both found in deputee Daniel West's home. While it is understandable that sending Sheriff Von Kraag and Deputee West out of town on assignment may lure the killer that has been preying about the young of Canyon Diablo, but with the rest of his force either on seperate investigations or incapacitated, how can the mayor think now is a good time to leave the town defenseless?

Then again, our fair town may not be as defenseless as it may seem. The new Catholic father de Falco has been seen walking about town with a pair of gatling pistols which make Sheriff von Kraag green with envy. Father Patterson's calming influence has all but shut down the usual violence on sin alley. And quiet widow Maria Bolet has been seen with Sheriff von Kraag and his deputees, dressed like a daring heroine from a dime novel. Whether they've been working together or not, the town's been more peaceful in the past few days than it has been in years.

Still – is that enough to stop another attack by the Cannon Peak gang?

Respects can be paid to the convalescing Jack Allen at the von Kraag residence, upper First Street.



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