Canyon Diablo

Railworkers, Miners Urged Back to Work

by Sarah Levine, staff writer 

Railworkers and miners are being assured that their job is "as safe now as it ever was" by former A&P railworker-turned-deputy Jack Allen and Sheriff Campaign Manager Malin LeBeau, due to the work of Dr. von Kraag and his law dogs.

At the brink of full scale pandemonium in the rail yard over the recent murders of railworkers on the job, workers were promised that the killers and saboteurs had been brought to justice. With Mr. Allen's back up, Mr. LeBeau convincingly claimed that the attacks had been caused by an unnamed competing railroad company in the guise of monster attacks. These attacks had been brought to an end by Sheriff volunteer Dr. von Kraag and his crew, and the wool was torn from the eyes of the conflicted railworkers. Within hours, A&P rail agents were confirming the story and workers were smiling as they went out to do their jobs without fear of death and the encumbrances of armed guards.

This news could not have come at a better time, as it is widely rumored that representatives of both the Dixie Rails and the Black River Company are arriving in Canyon Diablo today to examine the progress and morale of A&P's steel driving, and to also examine Canyon Diablo's place as a bustling railtown eager to grow into a thriving rail city.

Dr. von Kraag did not address his sterling work in ending the terror haunting the rails, instead speaking of the wonders of the future and how he intends to lead Canyon Diablo into a technological utopia. Malin LeBeau was quick to answer questions and assure the author that Dr. von Kraag had the best interests of Canyon Diablo and the rail line in his heart in his pursuit of the office of Sheriff, and also pointed out the German doctor's many gifts to the town, from the brewery to the ice cream parlor.

In what is far from the least atrocious act in the Great Rail Wars, it is good to see citizens rising to the occasion and providing safety and peace of mind for their fellows. Dr. von Kraag has publicly spoken out against the Cannon Peak Gang repeatedly – hopefully they'll be next to face his Teutonic justice!



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