Canyon Diablo

Parties in the Streets as Sheriff Disappears Mysteriously!

Parties in the Streets as Sheriff Disappears Mysteriously!
by Sarah Levine
No one much paid attention to the train from the North that arrived a month ago, though it carried one of Canyon Diablo's new law dogs – Marshal Randal Brandford, arrived from Massachusetts. The recently arrived Marshal took to the streets, collecting up deputies Morgan Welch and Jack Allen, and going to face the Sheriff von Kraag himself.

Warrantless, Marshal Brandford waited an acceptable time to speak with the sheriff, who did not emerge to either terrorize school children or dispense with the law, until he could suffer the German hermit's hiding no longer. With a stiff upper lip, Marshal Brandford boldly entered the home – braving the traps and the stink of Teutonic cooking alike – to find it deserted. Suffering only the lightest of wounds, Marshal Brandford heroically proclaimed that the old sheriff, iron-fist von Kraag, had skipped town, and for the affront of leaving the home booby trapped, and worse, his dereliction of duty in not keeping the town safe (thanks to tireless deputies Malin LeBeau, Jack Allen, and Morgan Welch for our shelter), the bold Marshal set a price of $300!

Immediately, a chord of celebration rang through the town as children knew it was safe to go out and play once more without fearing the old sheriff's tyranny, and virtuous men and women alike could once again go out without getting a staredown for trying to earn a living, or fearing the spray of the grey haired malefactor's gatling weaponry as he "dispensed justice." From Track Street to the Turn, the town’s jubilance could not be contained – one dance celebrating von Kraag's retirement party, the next celebrating the handsome new face of law in Canyon Diablo!

Among the partiers, deputy Malin LeBeau was handing out drinks, and boldly promised to buy von Kraag's abandoned home and all within it for a princely sum – no small amount fleeced from the lesser cardsharps that often visit our fair town – all to go to the Hass family's rebuilding of their livery which had been terrorized many a time by the former sheriff. When asked about the changing face of law in Canyon Diablo, deputy LeBeau praised Marshal Brandford's bold stance, though he admitted, "with le sheriff nouveau, no one knows if he will do le travail dangereux alone, or hire his own deputies. All I can say is that we are all in for quite a bit of change, pour le better!"



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