Canyon Diablo

Mayhem and Murder on lower Second Street!

by Sarah Levine

Lower second street housing was rocked by two separate incidents today when there was an unscheduled scientific test in the early afternoon that gave fright of widespread fires in the mostly wooden houses along lower Second Street, and again later that day when the body of a young boy was found in one of the homes.

The body of the boy, Guillermo Elias, was found by deputies in training Jack Allen, Morgan Welch, and Daniel West, after conducting a through searching of many of the homes along lower Second Street. The boy was found in the house being rented by Mr. West, though it is unknown whether or not this murder was sent as a message, or just to scare the deputies and sheriff away from the murderous Bayou Vermillion company. The boy's mother, Catalina Elias, spoke briefly: "it breaks my heart to know little Guillermo won't be coming home, but Dr. von Kraag's men were there when I needed them most and took my son's disappearance seriously. They did all they could, and got to the bottom of it faster than I had ever hoped. I know now he must be in a better place."

Earlier in the day, Mr. Allen had an unscheduled and unannounced testing of one of Dr. von Kraag's new inventions – a flare device for use to alert the town when the Cannon Peak gang attacks again. While it is an admirable plan, and one which will no doubt save lives the next time the villainous Cannon Peak gang comes in force (if it's working right by then!), the testing caused a huge gout of black smoke and sparks to rise from the device, which set the residents of Lower second street in a fearful tizzy. Luckily, campaign manager Malin LeBeau was on hand to both explain the device and apologize for the botched test, offering all residents of Lower Second Street free ice cream from Dr. von Kraag's Gefroren Freud Ice Cream Emporium. Residents grumbled that they were not a scientific testing ground, but were overjoyed at the offer of free pistachio ice cream. One resident commented, "It's mighty fine that von Kraag is working so hard for Canyon Diablo, designin' things and such, but he's got to realize Lower Second Street ain't no testing ground. Still, though, I'd be proud to have such an industrious man as my sheriff!"

Many people saw deputy Daniel West, of which little is known in comparison to sheriff spokesmen Malin LeBeau and Jack Allen, fall to his knees outside of the home in grief that a young life was lost. He did not resist arrest when Mr. Allen and Mr. Welch escorted him to the town jail for questioning, treating him as any other potential criminal as the body was found in his residence. Dr. von Kraag did not comment on his way to the town jail, but his face was solemn as he went to question one of his trusted men.

This incident leaves many questions, but we all can agree that lower Second Street has had more than enough excitement in one day.



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