Canyon Diablo

Hoosegow Blast Frees Black Bart

Bandit rides away under hail of gunfire

In a daring Sunday morning raid, a dozen members of the Cannon Peak gang broke into the Canyon Diablo jailhouse and freed Mr. Bartholomew McClusky who was being imprisoned there. Taking advantage of the quiet streets, gang members set and exploded dynamite destroying a wall of the jail, allowing the bandit to escape. They then fled on horseback.

The sound of the blast alerted Doktor Sheriff Reinhardt von Kraag and his deputies, who gave chase. The Sheriff himself was seen commandeering a wagon and horses from Canyon Diablo Livery and Stable owner Mr. Jethro Haas in front of a crowd of the faithful leaving Pastor Freedom Patterson’s revival. The wagon, carrying the Sheriff and accused murderer Pastor Daniel West, appeared to veer out of control soon after, threatening the local ice cream parlor. The heroic efforts of Mr. Jack Allen brought the wagon under control. They joined deputies Mr. Morgan Welch and Mr. Malin LeBeau who were already pursuing the bandits on horseback.

An intense gunfight ensued near the jail, leaving one deputy seriously wounded and killing several gang members. One witness described the sounds “like a giant tearing canvas and chain lightning all rolled up with a war.” Mr. McClusky and the rest of the gang managed to escape. “Zis effrontery vill not be tolerated! Ze Canyon Pete Gang has gone too far! I am soon to be mountingk an expedition to root zese bandits out of zeir hole und bringk zem to justice! Zat red-headed madvoman is but ze first of ze gangk to pay ze price for daringk to oppose me,” Dr. von Kraag said after the gunfight.

The wounded deputy, Mr. Welch, is described as resting in good condition.



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